Olympic Gold Medalist Katherine Grainger Wishes Portsoy Skiffettes Well

I’ve been hearing about how important the 2nd March is going to be to the history of the world. The launching of The Soy Quine must rate right up there with man first landing on the moon and the discovery of penicillin and the four minute mile and the Battle of Hastings and the invention of chocolate.

I had a look at the picture of your boat and was very impressed with its colour but more especially with your rowing technique. Just love the feet in the air move. Must remember to try it the next time I’m in a boat. I bet you’ll have great fun. I had a go for the first time at coastal rowing a few months ago in Cornwall for a fundraising event and just absolutely loved it. Luckily, in all the races I was in a boat with experts so I could just lie back and enjoy the ride.

I’m sure you will have huge success and very soon The Portsoy Skiffettes will be a household name. I’ll look forward to reading about your campaign to get coastal rowing become an Olympic event. Might be too late for Rio 2016 but surely you can make it for 2020. Always good to have something to aim for after all.

More than anything else, have great fun and enjoy every minute of your time in The Soy Quine.

Happy skiffing!

Katherine Grainger