Coble To Be Named At Boat Festival

After two and a half years of hard work, the Coble Project volunteers will be delighted that you will be able to see the result of their labours safely berthed in the Old Harbour at this year’s Scottish Traditional Boat Festival. Bringing this special boat to completion has demanded dedication and perseverance, not to mention a large helping of optimism and single mindedness.

None of the volunteers had previously attempted a boat on this scale, most were real amateurs few of whom had any background in boatbuilding. As a result, they were extremely pleased to have the guidance of some talented boatbuilding enthusiasts who had formerly trained as boatbuilders, or had the kind of skills required and a vision of what they needed to achieve.

The learning curve was steep – lofting, scarphing, geralding, steaming and planking, to mention just a few essential skills, had to be learned by most of the team. All of this served to heighten their admiration for boatbuilders of the past who worked without any of the power tools they were able to employ.

The team take their hats off to the coble builders of years gone by and pay tribute to what they were able to achieve. Our attempt to recreate this iconic Scottish vessel in traditional style, is not meant as an exact replica but as a salute to our maritime heritage. ‘Nae bad’ for a bunch of amateur volunteers I’m sure you’ll agree!

And what will her name be? Well, in the best local tradition, that’s a tightly guarded secret until the last minute. If you want to find out, be sure to be by the Old Harbour just after the opening of the Festival, when Claire Russell, Lord Lieutenant of Banffshire has kindly agreed to perform the naming ceremony.

To read more about this project visit the Coble website