We have a growing number of skiffs and teams attending from around the country to take part in the thrilling skiff races which provide much excitement for those taking part and those spectating!

As a first this year, we are pleased to welcome yoals from both Orkney and Shetland. Although similar in length and shape, these boats are designed to be rowed by 6 oarsmen or women, sitting 2 abreast and as such, should be significantly faster than the skiff. They will be competing against the skiffs in the 2k races and will have their own Orkney/Shetland ‘derby’ on Sunday morning.

Also new, there will be an opportunity for members of the public to have a row in the harbour from 11.30am on Saturday. A skiff or a yoal – please come along and give it a try, we are a friendly bunch and are always keen to ‘convert’ new people to this, the fastest growing sport in Scotland!


Skiff and Yoals Attending

The higher the craft register number the more recently the boat has been launched, although this does not necessarily reflect the age of the club, as some are on their 2nd or 3rd boats!




Find Out More – Or Join Us!

If you would like more information on attending or to register your skiff and attendance, please contact us, email: skiffs@stbfportsoy.org

For more information on Portsoy Coastal Rowing Club (Portsoy Skiffettes and Portsoy Skiffers) visit their website